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Hi all!

I have a simple 4x6 label form. I have several fields that pull data from a database. It's set up like this:



1-3 are single pieces of data, but field 4 contains MULTIPLE pieces of data with a <CR> in front of each entry to allow multiple entries within the same field.

Here's the database:


Everything works great and each entry from FIELD4 gets it's own line until there are more "FIELD4" lines than can fit on the label, after which they are simply LOST as it doesn't move onto a separate page.

What can I do to somehow specify the max number of lines before moving to a new page?

I need to use this "<CR>" method to have a single field, as I don't want to have to create a SEPARATE field for each line...

Thanks much!


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Peter Thane
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The data will not move onto a separate label. Have you tried setting the field as a paragraph field and enabled Auto Size so the font size will shrink to make sure it all fits on the same label.


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