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We have an issue where users are loading the incorrect label stock into our printers.  Bartender sends the print job and the label stock is wasted.  Sometimes the printing process modifies our label file to fit on the incorrect size paper.  Then we have to restore the label file to a previous version.  I was wondering if there is any way to create a label in Bartender that will error out when printed to the incorrect size label?  We use Zebra xi4 label printers.

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Peter Thane
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Hi Joe,

As far as I am aware there is no way to force as error if the wrong label stock is loaded as this would mean the printer would have to feed back to the computer the size of the labels stored in it.

The only thing you could do is include a text object on a data entry form that pops up at print time and warns the user to load the correct label size, but there is no way to stop them ignoring this.

I would double check that each printer driver is a Seagull rather than a ZDesigner driver and the latest version (2018_2). Have you also tried printing via Print Station prevent any operators from "playing" and adjusting any settings by accident?


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