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John Langham-Service

We have 2 TecB SX5 printers run from 2 pcs both running Bartender 2016 with up to date drivers

Labels designed on one copy when transferred to the other via usb stick don't print the same the copy prints with size reduced and offset does anyone have any suggestions?

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Pete Thane
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That sounds a bit like a problem with a difference in resolution of the printer, but the SX5 I thought were all 300dpi. 

Does the same happen the other way round?

You could also, from the working PC, using the Print to File option in BarTender and create an output (PRN) file and then transfer this via the USB stick to the other computer. In BarTender on the 2nd machine go into File>Print>Printer Properties> Tools and choose the Send File to Printer option from the Action drop down list. 

The file created with use the BarTender/driver settings from the original computer and so if that prints correctly then that eliminates the SX5 as the issue and so you will need to look at the PC install itself and things like any differences in access to the driver {security settings etc) or if there are any other differences in the driver settings.


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