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Lorant Szabo

Dear Team,

I want our SLS move to another computer. We have a version: Automation 10 , with 15 printers.

Because this printer server is a very important therefore we want to move SLS to antoher server with min impact. What is you suggestion to move it. As I read it is unable to install new SLS and activate it while old one also active server.

In order to minimize impact of this move we want firstly install a new SLS server and activate it. After it all client re-set one by one and if it works deactivate the old one and shut down the old server. Can we proceed on this way?

Thank you

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Pete Thane
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No, not unless you have two licences and so you will need to deactivate the old install before reactivating the new one.. 

However, to allow for network/server failures etc, BarTender will continue to print for 72 hours after it has lost connection to the licence and so this should hopefully give you enough time to complete the works. The users will get some warnings periodically during this time.

Also, if BarTender is set to find Licence Server automatically, which is the default setting, then you may not need to adjust anything on the users PCs anyway as they may just locate the new location of Licence Server. 

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