Labels are printed incorrectly before the layout is saved Folgen

Tatjana Strack


I have created label layout, when i print this layout directly from the Bartender Designer 2016, the labels ALWAYS look neat. A web application reads data from the database and saves them into a new CSV file in the scan directory, which then contains the print command (printer/file name, layout, number of copies, etc.) and the data for the layout fields. Everything works fine so far, except for one thing.

Every day in the morning, the labels are printed incorrectly (moved and not completely), I open the layout in the Bartender Designer and click on the "Save" button without having changed anything and the labels are printed correctly for the rest of the day.
I have redesigned the layout so far for correct printer, I have tried to restart the Bartender services instead of saving the layout. Unfortunately this did not help.

What could be the reason or what I can still try?

Many thanks in advance for you hints.

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