Why there are size limitations during document setup ? Folgen

Ioannis Messalas

I am creating a new document with v2016 R8.  I select printer "Zebra ZT410", then select custom settings.

Now, I am in the page where I set my document size. I measured my label and I fill the inputs:

width: 146 mm
height: 108 mm
orientation: Landscape

Then I am pressing next, next and the finish button is disabled as It says that :

Why are these limitations?????

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Pete Thane
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They are set by the driver, although there looks to be a problem with yours at it has set the height at a max of 60mm. Check your settings and make sure you haven't got any large margins set etc,

I would also suggest you download and install Seagull's Zebra drivers rather than use the ZDesigner ones. Replacing these has cleared more than one error that I have come across without the need for any other remedial action

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