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I am really new to Bartender software. I come from a SSRS/SQL background. Can anyone point me to a good video or training class or article on setting dynamic prompts? all my data is located in a database.

I need to not affect my users too much. They are used to having a drop down that they choose location from. Then the next drop down lets them choose only the products at that location. Then another drop down only shows the sizes of that product at that location. This is what they are used to and it works well so I don't want major changes.

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Peter Thane
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This link may help a little bit.


On the Data Form you can make the field a dropdown entry list rather than a type in box, however these wont nest as I do not think that is possible within BarTender itself. 

What you could do is add a filter for the location (with drop down data entry) and then the same for the products, perhaps using a Begin with or Contains rather than an Equals and for the final Size dropdown use a Record Picker for the size so you have something like this:


If you double click on the Record Picker you can adjust the options, such as what columns are shown, single selection etc.

I hope this helps



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