Reprint console Folgen

Thomas Missine

Dear All,

We are running BarTender Designer 2019 R5 connected to an excel database for printing our labels.

In our Excel database, we included file paths to pictures for BarTender to retrieve. For printing, this works fine.


However, when opening Reprint Console, we cannot get a preview of the label layout (Error 10144 - The document originally used for printing contains data sourced pictures. )

When reprinting above labels with picture data source, printout is not correct as stated in the error message "Data sourced pictures may not reprint correctly".


This makes it:


1. very hard for the operator to correctly identify which label to reprint.

2. impossible to print pictures correctly


3. Another issue: it seems that fonts are not exactly the same, which has an impact on layout (We use Myriad Pro as font)


Are there any suggestions to solve these issues, please?


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