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Bao Ngo

Here is a breakdown of the issue

(Note: sorry, I interchangeably use LOT# and WO#… they are the same):

Currently, I’m working on a project where the unit label and the box label has to match content in terms of Date of Manufacturing, LOT#, and the SN.

The issue with this is that since the Work Order consists of 1000 quantity per build. The operator print 100s of labels at a time and they end up having to look through a pile of the label in order to look for the matching box label for a particular unit label.

As you can see, this is quite a time consuming and prone to error.


What I would like it to be so that instead of printing the box label in batches and having to look through it to find the matching corresponding label, is that the operator can take the housing with the unit label placed on it already, scan the QR code and the printer will automatically print a box label with matching content of Date of Manufacturing, LOT#, and SN.

This is what I have in mind for the Box Label:

The WO# doesn’t really change very often so it can be something that the operator can manually type in and have BarTender remember that number for the next print—the same concept can be applied to the Date of Manufacturing.

The only entry that consistently changes every single print is the Serial Number (SN) entry section.

I want the operator to scan the QR code, filter out all the unnecessary integers in the QR code content, only getting the SNs and filling it into the SN form section and after that, the machine automatically prints the label.

Here is the content of the QR code that needs to be scan to read the SN. 

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Pete Thane
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If the :lot number is fixed length then you should be able to achieve this. by setting up truncation on the field on the label linked to the serial number entry field on the label. 

For example if your images above the first 18 digits would be a 2 digit AI, a 14 digit GTIN and then the 2 digit serial number AI whilst the last 8 characters would be the 6 digit lot/batch number preceded by the lot AI (10 I assume) . You could therefore setup your serial number field like this:

(the number at the bottom is a representation of your barcode and I have used a 99 to represent the AI for the serial number so it can be easily identifiable in the string when compared with the 21 AI it should be).

I hope this helps





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