Use Data Entry Form to Validate Item on Label Folgen

Abby Rauscher

Does anyone know if you can use the Data Entry form to Validate data that is already predetermined on a label?

For Example, I have 2 Data Sources for Rev and the Rev Letter. On the label it looks like "Rev: C". I want the person who is printing off the label in the print station, to still have to enter the Rev letter and have Bartender validate that the Rev letter entered in the Data Entry Form matches the Rev letter on the label. If they type in "D" when the label still says "C", I want it to not be allowed to print. Is this possible? It would be great if it was.

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Laura Vela
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Hello Abby,

Thank you for your message.

I think this is something that could be achieved with Form Actions (available in v2019 and v2021).

For example, with the following two Named Data sources (one will be linked to the Form, the other one contains the value against we are going to compare our entered data):


By right-clicking on the form we can access the form properties and the new Actions menu:


Here we can define a condition for our Print Action so that only it is executed when the Named Data Source 'letter' is equal to the Named Data Source 'form'.

* Note that the actions automatically recognize the Named Data sources on the document as action variables and thus, display them in variable format (with the %, for example %letter%)


The same way we could even include a Message action so that a custom dialog is displayed to explain the behavior:


I hope this helps!

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