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Graham Perry

I have a number of templates which generally follow a few common formats but in different languages.  At present, they are all laid out similarly but were done so manually, and this means that when there is cause for an update it involves a fair bit of work.  I was wondering if it was possible to create a shared layer?  Or something to that effect, where I can import the layer and when editing them I only have to update the one common layer once rather than having to update however many templates the same way.  Maybe a common base template that holds all the information and determines which language to select from based on a data flag (connected to external DB).

In theory, it sounds nice and would long-term make life easier.  But I don't know if it can be done or if so how to do it and so would appreciate advice.

BT 2016 if that affects things.

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Laura Vela
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Hello Graham,

Thank you for your comment.


In v2021 there is a new functionality available, the 'Phrase Library' that has been added to help create templates in different languages, thus simplifying the design process. You can find more information about this new tool here:


But since you are using v2016, some options that you might have available (basically to try and make the documents as dynamic as possible so that the data is 'easier' to be modified):

* Using Global Data Sources, to share the value between different documents (or even PCs, depending on the edition that you have). This way data that is shared across documents would just need to be modified once

* Trying to reduce the number of documents by making use of Layers and Conditional Printing:

* Using Named Database Connections, to be able to update the database connection string on all documents with just one modification:

* Using variable images / external images:


Let me know if this helps!



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