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Alex Henry

We have been trying to push this app to 40+ devices but with testing within we havent been able to properly install this app nor have it set the correct license server, as in every device we install it to, we would have to touch to locate the server. I have used all the command lines that have been given on the docs/guides on this site, yet it has been unsuccessful. The ONLY thing that worked was to run it on cmd locally on a device while the files are on desktop, but that was hit or miss and that option doesnt work when pushing it out.


Has anyone been able to get this working when deploying it from SCCM/PDQ at all the correct way? Please give some suggestions.

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Xabier Clemente
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Hi Alex,

Welcome to the BarTender Community!

In order to install the BarTender app remotely, there are a couple of things we need to take into account:

1. We need to make sure we are not using the MSI installer tool.
2. The application that is being used to deploy the BarTender installation is capable of starting an interactive session, which is a prerequisite for the installer to go through with a complete installation.

It is possible to automate certain aspects of BarTender like the execution of the .exe, licensing, and configuring the system database remotely. You can find additional information in the White Paper Silent Install

Silent (unattended) installation and configuration of BarTender for remote machines can be done through PsExecPsExec is a powerful command-line tool built for Windows which allows administrators to remotely run commands just as if they were on the local computer. 

Our silent installation does not show any user interface, however, it must interact with the session on the remote system for the installation to succeed. 

Below is one example of how to use PsExec with PowerShell to Install BarTender remotely with PsExec.
The following command launches an interactive BarTender installation on a remote computer. 

.\PsExec64.exe /acceptEula -c -i -s \\RemoteMachine "\\ComputerName\SharedFolder\BT2019_R10_167038_Full_x64.exe"  FEATURE=Bartender INSTALLSQL=false
  • The -i switch tells PSExec to run interactively. Omitting the -i option causes the installation to fail. 
  • The -c switch is used to copy the specified program on the remote system.
  • The -s switch instructs PSExec to run as the SYSTEM

Finally, if you are having issues connecting to the license server, you can specify its location via the following commands highlighted below in bold:

.\psexec64.exe \\client -accepteula -i 1 -s "c:\users\public\BT2019_R10_167038_Full_x64.exe" FEATURE=Bartender INSTALLSQL=false LSIP=<ip of your licensing server> LSPORT=5160 PKC=xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx

Hopefully, this will help.

James Wolstenholm
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What year is this? Is BarTender working to allow remote, non-interactive installs with end-point management platforms?

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