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Subpar installer (silent install, product selection, SQL dependency)


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    Xabier Clemente

    Hello Marcus,

    Thank you for your comments regarding the BarTender Installer.

    I've notified the development team about the issues noted in your post and here are some of the insights we are able to share with you at this moment:

    • We are aware of the issue with PsExec and working towards finding a solution. Right now, there is a possible workaround that has helped in some cases in which customers were using newer versions of BarTender, where the .NET framework 3.5 dependencies are no longer a prerequisite (BarTender 2019 R8, for instance), in those cases, BarTender was silently installed using the following commands (I'm sure this goes without saying, however, please take care of changing the path in order to reflect your desired install location and your BarTender version and service release):


      REMOTEMACHINE -c -i -s "C:\Users\username\AppData\Local\Temp\BT2019_R8.exe" FEATURE=Bartender INSTALLSQL=false


    • Regarding the ability to choose what applications are installed; In BarTender 2019 and up, the installation wizard was simplified and optimized, including the following changes: 
    1.  You no longer need to specify the BarTender edition you are installing.
    2. All add-on applications are installed by default.
    3. All translations are installed by default.
    4. The .NET SDK is installed by default since the BarTender system database is installed by default, as it is now used by all BarTender editions.

      BarTender Designer itself is the main application. Installing it is the vast majority of the payload and needed for most, if not all of the other companion applications. So this feature was made by design and it is expected to remain as such for the time being.


    • Finally, when it comes to your issue when including SQL Express 2014 LocalDB and Microsoft SQL Server Compact 4.0; could you tell us whether you are deploying BarTender remotely? If this is the case, we are aware of this and treating it as a bug, so we expect to have it resolved in incoming releases of BarTender.

    Hopefully, this information was of use to you, and please, feel free to reply if you have further questions regarding the BarTender installer and/or create a new post if you have questions regarding other topics.


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