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Installer hangs on MSMQ-Function installation


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    Xabier Clemente

    Hi Matthias!

    Welcome to the BarTender Community!

    There are a number of things we could try in order to solve this issue:

    • Do you have any antivirus software/active firewalls on this Windows Server 2019 machine? If so, perhaps the AV software/firewall is preventing BarTender from proceeding with the installation. Could you temporarily disable these and then execute the installer again? 
    • Since it's a new deployment, perhaps the machine has some pending updates which could be interfering with the BarTender installer. Could you reboot the server and give it another go?
    • This goes without saying; however, have you tried running the executable file as an administrator? If not, I would test this out as well.
    • Finally, perhaps the installation got to a point and then corrupted for some reason or another. If all of the above fails, we would suggest completely removing all traces of previous failed installations. Please, download and use the "Program Install and Uninstall Trouble Shooter" tool from Microsoft to uninstall BarTender: 



    • After removing BarTender, please reboot your server and try to install it again.

    Please, let us know if any of these did the trick!

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    Peter Thane

    Can I just add I encountered a similar issue with MSMQ on Server 2019 yesterday.

    The install looked to go correctly but the System Service would not start as some of the Dependencies were missing. It turned out MSMQ was sat in the pending install in the Server Management and the server had to be rebooted and so of the other MSMQ options enabled manually. 

    That element is now running, just having fun and games with the System Database now and SQL installation on the Windows 10 clients (looks like the Win 10 20H2 issue referenced here https://support.seagullscientific.com/hc/en-us/articles/360059848513-BarTender-was-unable-to-install-Microsoft-SQL-Server-Express-on-Windows-10-20H2). I have a support log raised for this. 


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