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    Peter Thane

    I encountered the exact same issues at a customer install recently . The Stable 87 download is no longer available as an option and having tried it will all the other downloadable options (at the time - there maybe a new one since) none of them worked. I forgot to feed this back to the Seagull Tech team but forgot!

    I was fortunate that the customer was using Enterprise and the client PCs did not need to use a local SQL system database anyway and the SQL instance on the server installed and worked without issue and so I was able to connect up the client PCs to the central system database.

    If your client does not to use logging or History Explorer or Reprint Console etc or any of the other features that us the System Database on the clients machines, then you could just the Advanced Installation Options and prevent SQL Express from being installed. I seem to be doing this more and more currently due to the Windows issues. 


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