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Silent installation 2021 R8 not working as expected - only 'partial' installation


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    Xabier Clemente

    Hello Dennis,

    Thank you for reaching us via our Forums!

    The symptoms you are describing could be related to an environment or user-specific issue when performing a silent installation. Here are some suggestions which could be of use to you:

    1. Move your BarTender installation file to a folder directly under the C driver; or under C. We don't recommend running a silent installation/activation from a user folder or the desktop.

    2. Do not copy files from one directory to another; we don't ever recommend this and we can't assist you other than to instruct you to completely remove the installation and install BarTender all over again. We don't know what kind of effect this has on BarTender Suite.

    3. The Activation Wizard executable runs immediately after the installation:

      ​When the activation completes, this Wizard app will disappear. I then ran the Administration Console application and I did not have any activation issues; the app ran just fine. If there is an issue activating the license, this is when we run the Activation Wizard app separately via the command line.

    4. Use the command prompt to ping your host (the machine hosting the License Server). You can use a command like "ping <machine name or IP>". You can also use a telnet command to ping the specific port. If the port isn't opened, the installation will still go through, but it won't activate correctly.

    5. In the host machine, be sure that the License Server is able to accept incoming connections. In this screenshot, you can see that my License Host is making a 'Free Edition' license available to everyone on my network:

    6. Finally, make sure that the account you're using to install and activate BarTender is a local administrator. This can also be a domain admin with local admin privileges.

    If none of these work and you have an active Maintenance and Support Agreement with us, we would recommend reaching our Technical Support Department via the Get Support tab, as this issue could require a technician's help. 

    I hope this helps!

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    Dennis Straathof

    Hi Xabier,

    Thanks for your reply. If I still may respond to the steps you provided ;-)

    1. I have just installed from a C:\_Install folder. This is a system-wide folder, so nu user profile folder with specific rights. Unfortunately the installation is still not completed. Result is the same. Running the task as Domain Admin user.

    This is the actual "under-water" command being ran (I didn't do anything with it, just for extra info):
    "C:\Windows\system32\msiexec.exe" /i C:\ProgramData\Seagull\Installer\{36A8063C-9E6B-44B1-8FB3-359E33414EA5}\3414EA5\BarTender.msi FEATURE=BarTender AI_SETUPEXEPATH=C:\_Install\BT2021_R8_177370_Full_x64.exe SETUPEXEDIR=C:\_Install\ EXE_CMD_LINE="/exenoupdates  /forcecleanup  /wintime 1650443208 FEATURE=BarTender "

    2. I do not copy any files to any location. I just run the command:
    C:\_Install\BT2021_R8_177370_Full_x64.exe FEATURE=BarTender

    3. The ActviationWizard.exe doesn't exist, so it can't run... Same for the Administration Console.

    4. Network is ok. Telnet to the appropriate port succeeds. Although at first I would like to have the software being installed. According to the Silent setup documentation (@ https://support.seagullscientific.com/hc/en-us/articles/205522747-BarTender-silent-installation) I should be able to install without activating directly.
    Is this information correct?

    5. License Setup is as shown in your screen image.

    Just a final question: would you be so helpful to try to run the installer through a Scheduled Task, to see if it runs the way you want it to be, or that you will also end up with half an installation?



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