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BarTender 2022 SCCM install


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    Alex Henry

    Anyone willing to comment on this?

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    Andrew Bright

    Not sure about how to setup specific installers in those (we use Workspace ONE) however the silent install command is as follows:

    [InstallationPackage].exe FEATURE=[features] PKC=[product key code] BLS=<address:port> PRINTPORTAL_ACCOUNT_PASSWORD=[password] INSTALLDIR=[file path] INSTALLSQL=[true/false]

    Install BarTender, skipping the installation of SQL Server Express, and have BarTender use an already configured BarTender Licensing Service:

    setup.exe FEATURE=BarTender INSTALLSQL=false BLS=MyBLSServer:5160 PKC=xxxx-xxxxxxxx-xxxx

    Silent installation of BarTender to an alternative installation directory:

    setup.exe FEATURE=BarTender INSTALLDIR="C:\My BarTender Software"

    If these require MSI installers, you can extract this via command line by entering the setup executable filename followed by /extract, for example:

    BT2022_R1_181316_Full_x64.exe /extract

    The only problem with that is the current version needs all of the installation package in the '.exe' to do a silent install, so hopefully you won't need the msi.


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