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One method for document security involves utilizing a few BarTender features in conjunction: a document password, locking layers, and setting a layer to a bounding rectangle.  

You can easily lock a layer in BarTender by clicking the icon in the Layers pane of the Toolbox, thus preventing the layer from being edited by accident. The layer, however, can be just as easily unlocked by clicking the icon. In environments where this is undesirable, you can assign a password to protect layers from unauthorized changes.  Additionally, the layer can have a bounding rectangle applied which limits the editable area of the template.

For more information please review the following resources:

Layer Security (Product documentation)

Introduction to layers (Video - 7:09)


Sample document

A sample document is available for download that has been preconfigured with a document password, a locked layer and a layer set to a bounding rectangle.  The password for the document is test.


Sample_Document Security with Layers


Locking a layer

Objects on a locked layer cannot be edited unless the layer is unlocked.

  1. Use the lock icon in the layer toolbox to lock or unlock a layer


Setting a document password for Modify Layers

Locked layers can be unlocked by simply unchecking the lock icon in the layer toolbox.  Adding a document password for the Modify Layers action prevents access to Layer Properties without the password.

  1. Open the Document Password dialog.  File menu > BarTender Document Password 
  2. Check Modify Layers and enter a password.  Entering a hint is optional.
  3. Now when you access Layer Properties (Right click a layer > select Properties), you are prompted to enter the document password.


Adding a bounding rectangle to limit the editable area

You can limit the editable area of a template by adding a layer and setting a bounding rectangle.  Objects placed outside of the bounding rectangle will not be printed.

  1.  Add a new layer > open Layer Properties > Print Options tab > enable the bounding rectangle and set the dimensions
  2. The limits of the bounding rectangle are displayed as dotted red lines.  Objects placed outside of the bounding rectangle are displayed as a transparent red.
  3. A print preview shows the barcode is cut off where it was outside of the bounding rectangle


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