Building a file integration using a CSV file (38:26) Follow

Kai Kohler

Recorded February 28, 2017

Learn how to build and deploy a file integration using CSV trigger files. CSV files (Comma Separated Values) are structured data files that will contain the data to be printed on your documents.  By using CSV files as the trigger files you can pass dynamic data to your documents at print time, rather than being limited to just static data that was added to the document when it was created.


Antoine Van Delft
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Thank you Manny for this helpful video.


Please note that there is another way to integrate CSV files without Named Data Sources in your label:

You just connect to the same Sample CSV file in your label and drop-and-drag database fields them into your label.

When you add the same database connection in your action: Transform to record set, you can use your label variables immediately in other actions such as Print Document action. There is no need then, to map the label variables to your integration variables as names are automatically the same,


Please note that the 'Print Document' action should be a child of the 'For each record' parent by dragging it to the right.

This was not shown  in the video.


Nevertheless a perfect video to show how a simple file integration is done. 

My compliments!


Juan Pablo HUMANI
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Hi there! Maybe someone can help me. I have a BT file coneccted to SQL. Basically a Shipping Label. Each time i need to print, i use a Query Promt to select the record.

Another thing i do is write down in an Excel file some information of that shipping ("Shipping to", "Quantity" and so). Is there any chance to use de Integration Builder  so it can detect the query promt everytime i add a file to a specific column in that Excel?


Hope you can help me!

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