Common printing issues

This articles lists the most common printing issues.  Find your problem below and then use the links provided to test which remedy solves your issue.  Some issues are caused by multiple problems and multiple remedies may need to be applied.

If you are unsure where your problem is, or just want to be sure you are following "best practice methods", then we recommend working through Troubleshooting printing.



Possible causes

No response from the printer / Nothing prints

Prints only blank labels

Skipping labels

Error or warning lights flash on printer panel

Objects such as text, barcode or graphics are missing from the label

Wrong data prints

Objects printing out of position

Fonts print incorrectly

Printing poor quality

Prints “gibberish” or “strange” characters

The print on the label is offset in an either an X or Y direction

Text on the label is printing enlarged or shrunk

Slow printing / pausing between labels

Wrong number of copies



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