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An encoder object allows you to place RFID, magnetic stripe, and smart card technologies onto your template. These technologies can be used for encoded cards such as club membership cards, employee ID cards, or gift cards, or can be used when there is the possibility that a barcode cannot be read and may require a transponder to broadcast the encoded data.


Supported technologies

BarTender supports many RFID, magnetic stripe, and smart card standards. To implement one of these technologies on your template, you must have a printer that supports the standard you want to use and you must have a corresponding Windows "Drivers by Seagull™" installed.

For a list of supported technologies review the following:

Supported encoding technologies


RFID technology

RFID technology can be used to replace or supplement information in text or a barcode that would otherwise require reading by a human or a barcode reader. It works by using a small transponder to broadcast the data.

For information on setting up a RFID encoder object review the following:

How to set up a RFID encoder object


Magnetic stripe technology

Magnetic stripe technology allows information to be encoded using magnetic particles, which are read by physical contact with a magnetic reading device. BarTender supports the ISO/IEC 7811 standard for defining your magnetic stripe encoder object on the template.

For information on setting up a magnetic stripe encoder object review the following:

How to set up a magnetic strip encoder object



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