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Kai Kohler


This article will walk you through setting up a RFID encoder object, and explain how to encode to multiple segments.

For more information on encoder objects, and the RFID properties, refer to the online documentation Encoder Object, or click Help button in the lower left of each of the properties' windows. 


Setting up a RFID encoder object

BarTender will only show encoder objects compatible with your printer.  

Note: A Seagull Scientific printer driver must be used in order to encode RFID with BarTender.  For more information please review the following:

  1. Make sure your printer is selected (File > Print) before adding your encoder objects or they will not be available in the drop-down menu.
  2. Click the Encoder object icon on the Object toolbar and select the desired type of encoder.
  3. Set the data location you wish to encode to.
  4. Set the data type of the data string you are encoding.
  5. Advanced driver settings are available under Encoder Options, including media settings, error handling, and security options.
    (Mouse over image below for animation)
  6. Once the advanced settings are configured, you may set your data string
  7. Close the RFID properties when finished.  Since the object is not physically printed on the document, it will show up as an object outside of the printable region


Encoding to multiple RFID data segments/ locations

Each encoder object may only be set to a single data location or segment.  If you need to encode to multiple segments (AFI, EPC, User) of the RFID transponder, then you will need to add multiple encoder objects to your document, and set each object to encode to a different segment.

  1. This document has three encoder objects - each one encodes to a different data segment
  2. The first encoder object, RFID Encoder 1, is encoding data to the AFI segment.
  3. The second encoder, RFID Encoder 2, is encoding data to the EPC segment.
  4. The third encoder, RFID Encoder3, is encoding data to the User Data segment.

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