Grouping several integrations into one Integration Builder file Follow

Kai Kohler


In order to organize your integrations, you may add multiple integrations to the same integration file.  Once deployed they will show up under the same integration file name, but you can still stop and start them independently.  

You are not able to create or modify groups in the Administration Console once they are already deployed.


Grouping your integrations in Integration Builder

  1. Open your integrations in Integration builder.
  2. With an integration open you will see the integration name in the upper left corner under the "Integrations".
  3. Right click and copy the integration.
  4. Paste into the same area of another integration to have both integrations within the same file.
  5. Now two integrations exist in one integration file
  6. When you deploy this integration file, all integrations within the integration file will be deployed in the same group.


Griffin Morimoto
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I did this with 6 integrations but some of the print jobs seem to fail now only sometimes does it work. I am thinking because it is hard to detect the right file with so many integrations. Do you know what could be causing the print failures?

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