Error 1401: You have exceeded your maximum number of licensed printers Follow

Samantha Petro


At print time, you receive the following error:

BarTender: Error Message #1401

You have exceeded your maximum number of <number> licensed printers.

BarTender will not print or export printer code templates until this is corrected.


All Editions of BarTender 2019 and later and Automation / Enterprise Automation Edition for BarTender v2016 and earlier.


The most likely reason why you are seeing this error message is that you might be consistently printing to more printers than what your license is entitled to.

Another reason could be that you're indeed printing to the correct amount of printers, but for a number of reasons some of those printer entries appear as duplicate printer entries. The most common causes for this behavior are:

  • Each computer on the network is connecting to the same printer using a different method (e.g. some use its IP address, others use a shared UNC name to connect to it).
  • You're working on a Remote Desktop Service/Citrix environment, and haven't installed the Seagull License Server Remote Assistant on the client computer(s).
  • You're working with an USB printer and have been physically moving the printer around different computers. When you move the printer to a new USB port, Windows considers this a new printer, and subsequently so does the License Server.
  • BarTender client computers running on distinct versions of Windows are printing to the same shared network printer, but Windows uses different nomenclature for the UNC share.

To ensure you have a healthy license server and printing environment, ensure the following:

  • USB printers do not move locations or between computers.
  • Network printers are all installed in the same manner on all computers across your network.
  • Different PDF and document printers will count as different printers in your License Server (only applies to BarTender v2016 and earlier).
  • Each printer has the same information for all four of these attributes:
    • printer name
    • printer model (driver)
    • port number
    • printer location
  • You are up to date on the most recent revision or service release. You can find our latest releases here: Service Releases
  • Set up notifications in your License Server to email you when you've exceeded your printer count.
  • Set up Printer Groups in advance which will help you to set your priority based printers (only available in BarTender v2019 and later)
  • If you are using a Citrix or RDP environment, please install the Seagull License Server Remote Assistant: Using BarTender with Remote Desktop Services and Citrix XenApp

What happens if I go over?

  • You have a 30 day grace period to correct the issue. Once you've run out of 30 days, that's it. It must be corrected.
    • If you've corrected the issue before the grace period has expired, the grace period will turn off and you'll have days remaining in case this issue arises again.
  • Printers will drop off after 7 days of not being used.
    • If they are used in those 7 days, the counter resets.

If you are having problems controlling your printer count in your environment, please contact your regional office for assistance: Contact Us

Internal only

When a customer calls in about this issue, there are a few things we can do.

Keep checkbox

In version 2016 and earlier, you can do the following

In the license server, there's a keep box next to each printer. Have the customer check the keep box next to the printer and wait. The SLS is on a 30-60 second update cycle. It may take a moment before you notice the changes.

If the customer asks if they can keep changing which keep box is checked, let them know there is a limit to how many times they can change the keep box until the system locks them out. We don't have the exact time, so they'll need to choose what printers they need and stick with them.

Do not tell them this is a means to ensure license compliancy. That should go without saying.

Offer a trial

If the printer situation is absolutely out of control or is immediately affecting production, offer the customer a 7 day trial.

  1. Generate a trial extension for their product. A trial extension must be used on that day else it expires.
  2. Assist the customer with deactivating their clients and adding the trial time if need be.
  3. Ensure that all clients are now disconnected from the license server to ensure they will not be contacting the SLS during this period.

Can we purge the license list?

No we absolutely cannot. The above suggestions are they only way to fix this.

What if they keep calling in about this same error?

If this is a consistent problem, transfer them to sales for a license increase.


Barrie Hamilton
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Please advise how I remedy this issue. Do I need to buy additional printer licences? I test various label printers with Bartender and need to swap printers on USB and network ports (using 1 PC running Windows 10)

Many thanks for your help


Jeremy Burston
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how do i delete old printers?   have one pc and one Zebra printer but I have exceeded my 3 printer license?

How do I fix this?

John Duggan
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I'd like the answer to Jeremy Burston's question. I have two printers one each on two computers. I unplugged the printers to redesign the space and now Im getting that error.


Manh Cuong
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The new Bartender 2019 version is more complicated than I thought, in the previous version 2016, I just go to the SLS and get things done in 2 minutes ! in this newest version, I messed up with Administration Console and no ways out!

Drew Truong
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I'm not sure why does Seagull ignore the remove printer feature with Bartender 2019? In some flexible environment as manufacturing that we need to set up the limited PC with a small number of label printer, whenever we replug or reconnect those printers into the computer, it keeps showing that we are exceeded the number of the license, then we have to wait at least 7 days to the application drop-off the label printer. How can all production lines be down in 7 days with this annoying policy?

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