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The BarTender About screen contains many useful details about your specific BarTender installation. You will often be asked to provide some or all of these details when contacting Technical Support. 

To open the About dialog:

  1. Open BarTender Designer
  2. Click the Help Menu
  3. Choose the About option

You'll be presented with a new window that looks like this:


Here is an explanation of the fields:


This lists the friendly name of the program that you're using. Starting with BarTender 2016, we started including year as an easy way to identify that major version of the software that you're using. You can identify the specific release that you have by using the "R" number (e.g.2016 R5).


Shows type of license you are using. In BarTender 2016, if you do not have the software activated, you'll see the word Trial. It may also say "Demo" if the trial days have expired.


This is the specific version and build number of BarTender. This is usually not needed as the release number (e.g. R5) ties to a specific version number.

You will also see the bit level or architecture of BarTender in parenthesis. Starting with BarTender 2016, we introduced a 64-bit build, so you'll either see 32-bit or 64-bit here. This information is often useful when contacting support and troubleshooting some problems.


This shows the details of the operating system that BarTender is installed on. This is useful for Technical Support when troubleshooting.

Activation Status

This field is visible in BarTender 2016 and earlier. The field will either say "Activated" or "Not Activated". When using a Trial edition, you will also see a field that tells you the number of trial days remaining.


License Status

This replaces the Activation Status in BarTender 2019 and later. If your software is activated, you will see "Activated". If it is a trial, it will show an expiration date. If the trial has ended, you will see "expired":


Support Status

The status of your support contract and is only visible in BarTender 2019 and later. This field shows how long you have support and when you should renew your support contract for continued live support. If it has expired, this field will turn red:


Support Number

This number is a unique key that you should send to Technical Support when submitting support requests. Technical Support can also use this number to retrieve your Product Key Code.

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