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Technical Support will often need more information about your BarTender installation and environment in order to troubleshoot issues. BarTender's About dialog is often enough information, but sometimes we will need a higher level of detail in order to troubleshoot your issue. 

In these cases, the Support Information Collector can be used to gather and automatically send information to Seagull Scientific.

The Support Information Collector will automatically create a system information file, look for and gather any crash dump files, and allow you to attach other relevant information.

To use the Support Information Collector

  1. Open the BarTender Designer and close any dialogs that pop up.
  2. Click the Help Menu
  3. Choose Send Information to Support. This will open the Support Information Collector
  4. After clicking next, you'll be asked whether or not this is a new support request or an existing support request. Please choose an existing support request for currently open tickets
Tip: If you have not yet opened a support ticket, please contact us first!
  1. Provide your contact information in the boxes provided
  2. If it's an existing case, please provide your Ticket Number and/or the name of the technician working your issue. You can also provide other comments as needed.
  3. The next screen asks you to choose the types of files that you wish to include. Please check all of the available options to provide the most complete report.
  4. On the next screen, you can attach additional files. Please attach BarTender documents or database files that may help troubleshoot the issue or are requested by your support agent.
  5. Finally, choose the region that you are in. These files are uploaded to secure cloud storage. Choosing the location closest to you will decrease the upload time.
  6. Once you click Next, the upload process will start. It may take several minutes to gather and upload all of the relevant files, so just leave the tool running while it processes.

When the process is complete, you'll see a screen showing that the files have been uploaded. At this point, you can also export the files to keep a copy for yourself or to send them through a different mechanism.

Note: If you do not have an internet connection or the upload failed, you'll receive an option to save a zip file of the support information. Please email this file to your technical support agent by replying to your support ticket.



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