How do I change the Code Set for a Code 128 Barcode Follow


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The Code Set determines how information will be encoded into a Code 128 barcode. Some users may need to override BarTender's default behavior and specify exactly how the data is encoded.


You can manually choose the Code Set for any Code 128 barcode. To do this:

  1. Add a Code 128 barcode to your template
  2. Right click on the barcode
  3. Go to Properties
  4. Go to Symbology and Size
  5. Click the Code Set drop down list and choose the Code Set that you want

More Information (optional)

Code 128 barcodes can be encoded with one of three character sets, known as code sets.

  • Code set A includes uppercase letters, numbers, and symbols.
  • Code set B includes uppercase and lowercase letters, along with ASCII characters and numbers.
  • Code set C contains numeric characters only.

BarTender defaults to a setting of Auto which means it will automatically choose the most efficient code set for the data chosen. BarTender will also switch between character sets in a single barcode if needed. If needed, you can choose a Code Set by selecting the corresponding option or manually provide all of the information needed to encode your barcode.

You can find more information about Code 128 barcodes and code sets in our Online Barcode Guide.

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