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If you do not utilize a BarTender System Database, you can still log system messages and print jobs using the Log Setup menu in BarTender Designer. This allows you to keep track of when and how jobs are printed. It can also help you identify what happened when a problem occurs.


BarTender 2016 and later.


1. Start by clicking on Administer > Log Setup...


2. Under Text File Logging, check both boxes to enable the logging of your system messages and print jobs.

3. Click Setup next to the Log messages to text file checkbox to configure your system message settings. System Messages include things like error messages, connection notifications, and changes to your license.

  • Log file folder allows you to select where your text log is stored.
  • Organization lets you choose between logging to one big text file and creating a new file each day.
  • Output type allows you to choose how your messages are separated inside your file.


4. Click Setup next to the Log print jobs to text file checkbox to configure your print job settings. This option logs things like print time, the printer used, and the success/failure of the print job.

  • The configuration settings are identical to the system message settings.


5. You can click the Help button on any menu to get more detailed descriptions of each available setting from the BarTender Help file.

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