Can you open label files created in another label software in BarTender? Follow


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Can another label software's file format can be opened in BarTender or converted into a .BTW file or vice versa?


 All versions of BarTender


  1. BarTender can only open .BTW files. There is currently no known method to convert label files created in another label software into .BTW files for use in BarTender or vice versa.
  2. However, an image of the label can be brought into BT to act as a guide to recreate the label in BarTender. This applies only to files created in other label software, like NiceLabel's .LBL files. Standard image files are supported and can be used in a .BTW for label printing.
  3. Supported image formats are found in the Help system under Supported Image Formats.

Additional Resources

To learn how to add external images to your BarTender document, see the "Getting around BarTender" section of our BarTender User Guide. Clicking the "Adding Images to your template" link will take you to the relevant part of the video.



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