BarTender crashes when trying to open or save a label template Follow


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 When going to "File->Open" or with a new label open trying to save it BarTender locks up and/or crashes.


Custom BarTender File Dialog

In BarTender 9.2, we replaced the Windows file dialog with our own custom file dialog.  The new dialog supportst opening and saving files to Librarian. There were also additional enhancements such as adding shortcuts to the shortcut bar that were appropriate for BarTender (such as"BarTender Documents" instead of "My Documents").

Using the default Windows File Dialog

Note: this fix can only be done if you are not using Librarian
Warning: This fix involves adding a registry key. Do not delete, alter, or change any registry keys other than the one listed as you may damage your system!

In some cases, our custom dialog may not operate as quickly as the default Windows file dialog, causing the slowdown and in some cases crashing. With directories containing hundreds of files, the Windows file dialog seems to have better performance, and this can be noticeable on a slow PC. 

As of 9.4 SR2, it is possible to switch to the Windows common file dialog using an undocumented registry value. To do so you'll need to access the following registry key (type "regedit" on Windows' search box to access the Registry Editor):

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Seagull Scientific\Librarian\File Dialog

And then create a new registry value with the following settings:

  Name = Use Windows Dialog
  Type = REG_DWORD
  Data = 0x00000001 (1)

Using this registry key is not recommended for anyone using Librarian, because it disables Librarian integration with other applications.


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