/W="<where clause>" not recognized in BarTender 2016 and later Follow


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Using /W="<where clause>" in a print command results in an error stating that command "=" is not recognized


 Integration Builder


/W="<where clause>" 
The /W parameter is obsolete, and is supported only for backward compatibility. Use the /?<query prompt name> option as an alternative.


Use New Database Connection Command for BarTender 2016 instead

  • Make sure to set up a Query Prompt in the Database Connection Setup settings in the BarTender document.

/?<query prompt name>="<query prompt value>" 
Assigns a value to the specified query prompt. If there is no match, then the command is ignored. If a query prompt within the document is not set, then the query prompt dialog will be displayed with the remainder of the unset prompts. Multiple query prompts are supported on the command line. Setting query prompts only takes effect when /P, /PD, /FP, or /FPD are specified.


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