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While upgrading or migrating the existing computer server to a new system, you may wish to keep all of your existing BarTender log events, records and history data. This can be accomplished by moving your existing BarTender System Database. The following article will guide you on how to move your existing BarTender System Database to a new server.

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It is recommended to have a database administrator or IT admin follow the below steps.

The correct way to perform such an operation would be:

1. Download and install Microsoft's SQL Server Management Studio Express (SSMSE).

2. Connect to the original SQL Server and database via the SSMSE. Then, create a full backup of the system database.


3. Connect to the new SQL Server you plan to move the system database to via SSMSE. Then, open the "Restore Database" wizard.


4. In The "General" page, make sure the correct destination database is selected (the database you wish to restore to), and make sure to have selected the correct backup file.


5. In the "Options" page, choose to "Overwrite the existing database".


6. Click on OK to complete the operation. Note that this will completely overwrite the destination database.

Additional resources

Generally speaking, so long as your BarTender version and the SQL Server that you are using are both compatible with your Windows operating system that you are using, you should be fine importing your BarTender System Database from an older version of SQL Server. SQL Server database should be backwards compatible. For more related information, please refer to the following articles from Microsoft:

Internal only information

See: DEVQ-2374 

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