Librarian Workflows Follow


BarTender Content Team

This articles applies to BarTender 2021.

Librarian has been redesigned and includes many new workflow management functions and features. They include the following:

  • New graphical object-based drag-and-drop workflow designer and interface to easily design custom workflow models
  • Create unique workflows for specific files in Librarian
  • Manage access and advance files through defined workflows at each state in a file's life cycle
  • Send automatic email notifications to specific recipients when files move between workflow
  • Integrate workflows with Print Portal to streamline the review and approval process of BarTender documents

This document will get you started by describing the new workflow functionality and concepts. It also includes a tutorial and walk you through building a custom workflow.

Understanding Librarian Workflows


This video will guide you through a working example of an approval workflow. This includes an introduction to the new interface, creating approval states with email notifications, setting permissions, and applying workflows.

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