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This article applies to BarTender 2016 and earlier.


Seagull License Server (SLS) came with the Automation and Enterprise Automation editions of BarTender 2016 and below. SLS is Seagull's tool for monitoring BarTender and enforcing printer licenses. Seagull License Server's only job is license enforcement – it does not physically print documents or communicate with printers in any way.

With a single instance of SLS on your network, you will be able to track the number of printers in use by BarTender, as well as trends in printer usage.

Seagull License Server is installed in one location on your network. Each of your BarTender installations will attempt to contact the Seagull License Server at print-time for printer authentication.

For more information on the Seagull License Server and how licensing works, see Licensing for the Automation and Enterprise Automation Editions of BarTender.

Network Communication

The Automation and Enterprise Automation editions of BarTender connect to SLS via TCP/IP network communication using the UDP protocol. This is the case whether SLS is running on the same computer that is running BarTender, or on another PC on the same network.

Below is a visual representation of Seagull License Server's role in the BarTender Suite licensing model. You must connect to SLS at print time. SLS either allows or denies the print job to the printer selected. Printing is allowed if the printer is already connected to SLS, or if you are continuing a job on the same printer.

Operating Seagull License Server

As a Desktop Application
Seagull License Server can be started and run as a standard Windows desktop application. In this mode, SLS will stop running when you close the application or log out of the computer.


As a System Service
You can run Seagull License Server as a system service. When running as a service, SLS can be configured to run automatically when the operating system starts. In this mode, the SLS desktop application does not need to run for Seagull License Server to monitor printer usage by installations of BarTender across the network.


As a Remote Administration Interface
Seagull License Server can be run as a remote administration interface for an instance of SLS already running (either as an application or a service) elsewhere on your network. When the program is running in Remote mode, exiting the user interface will not close down SLS itself. Multiple remote administration instances can run on your network, all connected to the same Seagull License Server.

Losing connection to Seagull License Server

In the event that BarTender is suddenly unable to communicate with Seagull License Server, BarTender does not immediately lose the ability to print. Instead, a 72 hour grace period begins counting down, giving you time to resolve the problem without losing the ability to print.

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