Adding barcodes to your template


BarTender supports nearly every barcode symbology. Before adding a barcode to your label you will need to decide which symbology you want to add.


Creating a barcode object

All objects can be created from the menu bar by selecting Create.

To create a barcode object click Create>Barcode.  You will notice the  icon now displays a dropdown menu for the various barcode symbologies available.

It is possible to click the  icon directly instead of proceeding through Create>Barcode.

The first time you click the icon the only option available is More Barcodes.  As various barcode symbologies are added to your document they will be available for easy repeat use under Recently Used Barcodes.

Upon selecting More Barcodes you will be presented with a list of available barcode symbologies organized by application. If you're not sure what application your barcode is listed in, you can either browse All symbologies or use the search feature to find your barcode by name.

Find your barcode type and click Select.  You will now notice your mouse cursor has changed icons to show that you have selected a barcode object to add to your label.

Click at the desired location on the template to add the barcode object.

Once you've added the barcode, you can use your mouse to move and resize the barcode just like any other object.


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