Adding images to your template Follow


BarTender Content Team

BarTender supports a wide variety of popular image formats.  Images can be added using any of the three methods listed below. 

Method 1: Embedded pictures

Continue to Embedding Images into a BarTender Document for step-by-step instructions.

Embedded pictures become a permanent part of a BarTender document; the picture in your template remains unchanged if the original picture file is moved, deleted or renamed. This is the easiest type of picture to work with. You can simply drag an image file into your BarTender document to get started.

Method 2: Link to an external picture file 

Continue to Linking to an external picture File for step-by-step instructions.

BarTender stores only the path and name of the picture file, not the actual picture. When you print a document, BarTender will automatically update the image on the template based on the path and file name provided. If picture files frequently change, linking to an image can be a time-saving alternative to embedding a picture as part of the document.  Since linking to an external picture file doesn't add the picture to the template, the picture in your template will be missing if the original picture file is moved, deleted or renamed.

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