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Samantha Petro

BarTender Content Team


Minimum permissions needed to use System Database

There are two different user authentication types that can be used with a BarTender System Database:

  • Windows authentication
  • SQL Server authentication

Windows authentication connects to the BarTender database using the Windows user account that is currently logged in.  In this method, SQL does not ask for a password; authentication is handled by Windows alone. You can use an active directory users or groups for easier management.

SQL Server authentication uses logins that are created directly on the SQL server.  These logins are not based on Windows user credentials.

There are specific permissions required to connect to a BarTender System Database:

Note: You might need to set a domain account for the BarTender System Service in the Windows services list to allow appropriate permissions to connect to a remote BarTender database.

For more information, refer to the Administration Console white paper.



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