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Applies to: BarTender 2016 & Versions 10.1, 10.0


BarTender can manage date and time information by pulling information directly from the computer or printer’s clock, basing the time and date information on location or time zone, choosing date formats, adding dates and times from an embedded data source or a database, or automatically generating offset dates.

For more information on dates and times, refer to the Data Sources Property Page in the BarTender help system.

Note On Using a Printer Clock

A Seagull Scientific driver is required to use your printer's clock.


Custom Date/Time Formats

BarTender allows you to create custom date and time formatting. For more information on custom date and time formats, refer to the Custom Date and Time Format Strings in the BarTender help system.

Julian Date

Visit Adding and formatting a Julian Date to see a video on how to automatically transform the standard date formats on your label into the Julian date.


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