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BarTender Content Team


Intuit’s QuickBooks application is a very popular accounting and business management program that contains its own proprietary database.  There are two ways to connect BarTender to Quickbooks.


Connecting to QuickBooks directly via ODBC

For more information about using the ODBC driver please refer to the Quickbooks knowledgebase.


Exporting data from QuickBooks to an Excel or CSV file

QuickBooks has the capability to export data into an Excel or CSV file. This is similar to the option above but it will not require the QODBC driver.

When using this method, it’s important to mention that although it doesn’t require any additional software, it is a manual process. Additional maintenance will be required to ensure that you are using the most current data. If you are having technical difficulties exporting your data from Quickbooks to Excel or CSV please contact Intuit’s technical support team.

Tip: Once you have established how you will utilize your QuickBooks database using one of the two options above you will need to add the database connection to a BarTender label format. For help connecting to your database view please see Getting Started With Database Connections

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