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A Word Processor text object can be formatted using BarTender's Word Processor, an easy-to-use interface that enables you to modify the content of the text object.

Single and Multi-line text boxes will apply formatting to the entire object; this prevents formatting such as bolding individual words in the object; the entire text object would be bold.  The Word Processor object allows different formatting within the same object.  However, Word Processor objects are printed as an image, so they require quite a bit more resources than a normal Single or Multi-line text object.  It is recommended to only use Word Processor objects when necessary.

Note: Word Processor objects require the Professional Edition of BarTender or higher.


Creating a Word Processor object

  1. Select the icon on the object toolbar to display a list of all available text object types. Alternatively, select Text from the Create menu.
  2. Select Word Processor.
  3. Click at the desired location on the template to add the text object.


Editing a Word Processor object

  1. To access the Word Processor, double-click on a Word Processor text object. Alternatively, right-click on the Word Processor object and select Properties from the context menu.
  2. Click Word Processor to open the Word Processor editor


Advanced formatting features

To access the advanced formatting features, click the Word Processor button.  Here you'll find a familiar word processor that will allow you to make use of advanced text formatting features.

For additional information please review Word Processor object, see the Word Processor WebHelp.



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