Adding text to your template Follow

Gene Henson

Text in BarTender is added using one of three primary text objects.

  • Single Line text objects - for short length text that does not require multiple lines (no word-wrapping).
  • Multi-line text objects - for  text that must be displayed across multiple lines (word-wrapping).
  • Word processor - special container objects that allow advanced text formatting (word-wrapping).


Creating a text object

All objects can be created from the menu bar by selecting Create.

To create a text object click Create>Text.  You will notice the  icon now displays a dropdown menu for the various text objects types available.

It is possible to click the icon directly instead of proceeding through Create>Text.

Click the type of text object you want to add to your template.  You will now notice your mouse cursor has changed icons to show that you have selected a text object to add to your label.

Click at the desired location on the template to add the text object.

By default, new objects will be created with the words "Sample Text".  To edit that text simply click inside the green border of the object.  Once the words are highlighted, begin typing to change the text.


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