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Sometimes when designing a template, you need to add an object whose properties are nearly identical to those of another object you created earlier, either on the same template or on a different one. The Components pane of the Toolbox gives you a place to create and store pre-configured objects, and even groups of objects. You can reuse any such component by dragging it from the pane to a template.

Tip: Review Grouping Objects Together for more information on Grouped objects.


Viewing the Components toolbox

Components are managed in the Components Toolbox.  If your toolbox is not visible, follow the instructions to turn on the toolbox.

  1. Open BarTender
  2. Select View on the menu bar
  3. Mouse-over Toolbox to expand your options
  4. Check the box next to Components


Creating a new Component

Select the object(s), then right click them and select Create Component.

A new Component will appear in the Components Toolbox.  You can rename the Component to be more descriptive.

At this point you are now ready to us the new component. You can simply drag and drop the Component onto any BarTender template on this computer.


Adding a Component to a label

With a BarTender template open, simply drag the component onto the label.  The objects will be created exactly was they were when the component was originally created.



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