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There are a number of ways to filter data from a database for the purpose of specifying which records to print at print-time. Understanding how each method of filtering works will help you decide the best method to use for your printing requirements. Determining factors may include the data contained in your database, your printing needs for that data, and print operators' level of search criteria knowledge or training.

  1. Selecting records at print time
  2. Using a static filter
  3. Using a dynamic filter
Note on database connections
Selecting records is only available after a database connection has been set up in the document. For more information on creating a database connection please visit Getting started with database connections (Video - 5:21)


Selecting records at print time

The Select Records dialog, accessible from the Select Records button in the Print dialog, displays the list of records from the database specified in Database Connection Setup. It allows users to dynamically sort and filter the record set and select the records that they want to print.

To watch a video explaining how to select records at print time, please visit Getting started with database connections and skip to 3m18s.

  1. In the Print dialog, click Select Records 

  2. Use the check boxes to choose your records

  3. The Print Dialog will reflect your choices for verification before selecting print


Using a static filter

A static filter, also known as a basic filter, is configured in Database Connection Setup, and  will always filter using the same criteria for the condition.  

For more information on using a static filter please review Using a static filter.


Using a dynamic filter

When you need the ability to provide filter criteria at print-time, you can use the Database Connection Setup dialog to create a dynamic filter, or query prompt, that appears each time the document is printed, allowing the user to enter criteria for a database search. Only records that match the entered text will be printed.

For more information on using a dynamic filter please review Using a dynamic filter.


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