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Manny Castro


Applies to: BarTender 2021, 2019, 2016 & Versions 10.1, 10.0


BarTender has the ability to transform, manipulate, or change any given string of data. Most of these options are found on the Transforms tab of an object's Properties dialog.

The Serialization option is included on the Transforms tab. Serialization refers to the act of assigning a unique identification code to each item in a series. Although each identifier is typically called a "serial number," it can include letters, numbers, or symbols.


Instructions for Standard Serialization

Any new serialization defaults to "Standard" serialization, which increases (increments) or decreases (decrements) the data source value by 1 each time a label or other document is printed.  

Refer to Assigning Sequential Numbers for information about other serialization options.


Setting An Object To Serialize

Serialization can be applied to data sources. To accomplish this, you must create an object on your document, assign the data source that will be serialized to the object, set the starting value, and enable serialization.

  1. Create a text or barcode object on your document template.
  2. From the object's context menu, select Properties to open the object's Properties dialog.


  1. In the left Navigation Pane, select the object's data source.
  2. Set the starting value for the data source (ie. "001").
  3. Click the Transforms tab.
  4. Click the icon at the right of Serialization to open the Serialization dialog.
  5. Select Increment or Decrement.
  6. Select the serialization Method.
  7. Check (select) Preserve the number of characters to specify that the length of the data source will remain the same when the value of the data source is reset. For example, if the Reset Limit is set to 100, once that limit has been reached, the serialization will reset to 001.
  8. Under When to Increment (or Decrement, depending on which you selected), select the Event that will cause the number to change.
  9. In the Event Interval field, set a step value.
  10. Set the Print Quantity options.
  11. Click the Reset tab to specify reset options. (See the Reset Tab section below.)
  12. You can test your serialization sequence on the Serialization tab by clicking Preview Sequence.
  13. When you have finished creating your serialization, click OK to close the Serialization dialog.
  14. Close the Properties dialog.

 You have now set serialization for your object.


Reset Tab

Serial numbers can automatically reset to a specified value when an event occurs or a condition is met. The Reset tab on the Serialization dialog defines how often BarTender will reset the value of the data source when it is set to serialize. 

Note: A reset is not required. If reset values are left blank, BarTender will continue to serialize per your settings indefinitely.


Setting How Many Serial Numbers Will Print

You can set the print quantity in the Serialization dialog, and you can set further print quantity options. If you select Specify Quantity in Print Dialog or if you leave this option blank, by default the serial number will increment or decrement whenever an item is printed. You can change how many items you want to print in the Print dialog.

  1. From the BarTender File menu, select Print to open the Print dialog.
  2. In the Serial Numbers field, set the number of copies you want to print.
  3. Click Print.

For more information, refer to the Serialization Dialog topic in the BarTender Help system, and the Assigning Sequential Numbers white paper.



John Chin
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dear sir


i want to keep track my serial number , as i understand , system can set the object as running serial number and keep the last update record , mean if 1 print 100 label , the last serial number will be 100 , and i start to print the next  , the number will start from 101 .yes , 

but i need is , after i close the file , and did not SAVE it  , tomorrow the serial number will start from 0 again  ,  i need the system keep track the last number whether i forget to save the file .

using vbscript and save at SQL  , but i not familier with this both . please help , thanks ! 




Altivo Almeida
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Hello, i don´t know if here is better place to ask..but...

I have a labels serialized and i need save in history explorer/sql all serializated number printed.

For example: i print 10 labels serialized, 1 to 10, after print again more 50 labels 11 to 59.

When i look in History Explorer, will show me all informations about the label, and the two labels printed

included serial numbers is it possible?

I know that in menu administration > tools has a option to save log,file, but this log save in .TXT and i need save in  sql,

cause internal auditory company. anyone has sugestions? Thanks..



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Can Bartender generate a unique GUID?  Using version 10.1 SR3.

Chris Nichols
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I have four labels across and 12 rows of labels I would like to serialize them starting at the bottom left and going to the right then up to the next row on the left and repeat

How do I doe this

Wendy McLaughlin
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How do print serialized labels not starting at one (ex: 21) but only when I need to?   Example: I print 20 labels but than go back two days later and I want 20 more but want to start printing at 21.  I do not want to save the last number printed.

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Hello, I have two templates, the first one I need to list the printing number, the second does not require it. at the time of sending 5 sets of labels to print, he places me in the 1 1/5 template printing, nothing in printing 2, in 3/5 printing
I just want it to print 1/5, 2/5, 3/5 on template number one

How I do this?

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