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BarTender offers various levels of security for BarTender applications and documents. Administration Console can assign restrictions based on Windows user accounts, BarTender Designer can be assigned a password which is required to do anything other than print labels, and BarTender documents can be assigned a password to restrict various actions such as making edits.


For more information on Security in BarTender please review the following:

Managing user access in BarTender (Video - 4:22)

BarTender System Security

Administration Console


User-Based Security

Administration Console offers user-based security with features such as running the BarTender software to be denied or allowed based on the user's Windows login. This can be configured per work station or utilized and controlled by a central SQL server.

For more information on user-based security please review the following:

Managing user access in BarTender (Video - 4:22)


Label Format Encryption

Label Format Encryption allows users to encrypt their labels so that they cannot be opened without the appropriate key. This feature in the BarTender Suite is configured in Administration Console.

Keys are created on the Encryption tab in Security Center. Once labels are encrypted only machines with the same key will be able to open the encrypted label format.


Event Logging and Auditing

Event logging and Auditing allow users to log BarTender events including security checks, then review them to see unauthorized activity, which can then be addressed as necessary.


BarTender Based Security

BarTender based security is configured per BarTender installation. It is referenced as a Print Only Password. This security level is per BarTender instance.

When a Print-Only Password is specified, users are unable to modify objects or use options in the Administer menu without supplying the password, however, they are still able to open and print documents.

Once you specify a Print-Only Password, you will be able to run BarTender as normal until you exit and reopen the application. When you open the document in the future, BarTender will prompt you for the Print-Only Password. To grant permission to modify the template, enter the password into the dialog.

To access this in BarTender click on Administer>Print-Only Password Setup...

You will see the menu below. 

Tip On Removing Print Only Password

To remove the Print Only Password from a BarTender install click on Administer>Print-Only Password Setup... Enter the old password and leave the two New Password fields blank. Click OK.


Label Format Security

Label format security allows you to secure individual labels. To configure a BarTender Document Password open your label and click File>BarTender Document Password.

Enter the password and choose which actions you want to restrict.  Note the option Remember Document Password Until Close.  If left unchecked you will be prompted for the password everytime you attempt a restricted action.  If checked you will only be prompted for the password the first time you attempt a restricted action.  You would be prompted for the password again only after closing and reopening the label.

Warning On Document Password Recovery BarTender labels with document passwords cannot be recovered if the password is lost. Be sure to note this when setting passwords for labels.



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