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Kai Kohler


Updates and upgrades may be as simple as deactivating and reactivating your BarTender client with a new product key code (i.e Basic to Professional), while others require installing an update (ie. v10.1 to BarTender 2016).

They require interacting with either one, or both of the following applications:

  • Seagull License Server (for version 2016 and earlier)
  • BarTender Licensing Service (for 2019 only)
  • BarTender client(s)


Choose your update or upgrade 

BarTender version: Version 2016 or Version 2019
For updating versions (ie. version only, version and edition, version  and edition and printer count, etc)

The version of the software refers to the product as a whole. Major updates to features and the user interface are released as new versions.

Note: the following apply to BarTender 2016 and below only

BarTender edition (ie. Basic, Professional, Automation, Enterprise Automation)

For upgrading editions, but not versions (ie. Basic to Professional,  Automation 5-printers to Enterprise Automation 10-printers,  etc)

All versions of BarTender are available in four editions.  Each edition has access to various companion applications and features in the BarTender Suite.

Printer count (ie. License Server max printer count)
For upgrading printer count only

The Automation editions use a printer-based license model.  Printing is restricted based on how many printers your license allows you to print to.



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