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Before you begin the process of installing the Seagull License Server you should consider these two questions:

  • What server or PC would be the best location for my Seagull License Server?
  • Should I install the Seagull License Server using the download or the disc?
For more information regarding the Seagull License Server and how it works, refer to: What is Seagull License Server?


Downloading Seagull License Server

For BarTender versions 10.0 and higher the Seagull License Server is part of the BarTender installer.  For BarTender versions 9.4 and below the Seagull License Server is a separate download

BarTender 2016

BarTender Service Releases and Legacy Versions


Install and activate Seagull License Server

Once you have logged into the server or PC where you want to install Seagull License Server (SLS), use the download or the disc to run the BarTender Suite Installer:

  1. From the dropdown list, select the Language for the installation.
  2. Click OK to open the BarTender Setup window.

  1. Click Next to open the License Agreement window.
  2. Read the License Agreement and select (check) I accept the terms in the license agreement.

  1. Click Next to open the Specify Edition window.
  2. Select the edition you have purchased.

The edition number of your BarTender Suite should be included with your software invoice, or in the email regarding your BarTender purchase.
  1. Click Next to open the Specify What to Install window.

  1. From the dropdown list, select Seagull License Server Only.
  2. Click Next.
  3. Click Install.

The installation process begins.This may take a few minutes. When  the installation is complete you will be prompted to active your software.

  1. Click Activate Now to open the Enter Product Key Code window.

  1. Enter the Product Key Code that is included with the software or in a confirmation email you  received.
  2. Click Next to open the Activation Policy window.

  1. Read the Activation Policy and select (check) I Agree.
  2. Click Next to open the Select Country window.

  1. Select the Country where SLS will be activated.
  2. Click Next.
  3. The next window will advise you about a working internet connection. Click Next.
  4. Click Finish. You now have successfully activated Seagull License Server. The BarTender Activation window opens again.

  1. Click Next to open the Setup > Registration and Maintenance window.
  2. Optional (but encouraged): Register your license by clicking Register Online Now.

  1. After registration is complete return to the BarTender Registration and Maintenance screen.
  2. Click Next.
  3. Click Finish.

Installation and Activation are now complete.


Start the Seagull License Server

Tip: In the steps below make sure to select: Seagull License Server, not Seagull License Server Remote Administrator .


  1. From the Windows Start Menu, select All Programs > BarTender Suite > Seagull License Server.
  2. if you do not have a start menu, search installed programs for “ Seagull License Server.” When SLS  launches it will prompt you to start it.
  3. Click Start Seagull License Server Now.
  4. You can close the  Seagull License Server application, as it is now running as a Windows System Service.

Seagull License Server has now been successfully started.

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