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The BarTender Suite underwent significant changes in BarTender 2016.  This article will guide you through updating to BarTender 2016.

For more information on new features and updates to the BarTender software, please review the following resources:

What's New In BarTender 2016

What's New In v10.1

What's New In v10.0



Updating to a new version will require installing and activating new software.  While the update process will vary between print systems, the steps remain the same regardless of what version you are updating from. 

Note On Upgrading From v9.4

Version 9.4 Seagull License Server was installed with a separate installer package than the rest of the BarTender Application Suite.  BarTender 2016 Seagull License Server has been combined with the BarTender Application Suite installer, so they are no longer separate.

Note On Installing 32bit BarTender On A 64bit Operating System

We strongly recommend matching BarTender architecture to the operating system architecture (32bit or 64bit). For more information on BarTender architecture please review the white paper 32-bit and 64-bit BarTender.  

Integrations that use 32bit BarTender on a 64bit operating system may have issues printing. If it is not possible for you to match the architecture of BarTender and the operating system, then please contact Technical Support for more information.

Installation Instructions

BarTender Version Upgrades

For more information on installing your update to BarTender 2016 please review the following resources:

Silent Install

Drivers by Seagull

Installing Drivers by Seagull


Application Changes

A few of the applications within the BarTender Suite have undergone significant changes in BarTender 2016.

When launching BarTender Designer you will immediately notice the updated look of the software.  The user interface has been updated, but many of the core concepts remain the same. Objects, substrings (now called data sources), database connections, and data entry forms still exist, and any files made in v6.2 or higher will be usable in BarTender 2016.

Using A Commander Task List With Integration Builder

Commander has been removed from the BarTender Suite and has been replaced with Integration Builder. Integration Builder is able to do everything Commander can and much more, such as monitoring a database directly and automatically printing labels when a new record is entered.  However, there is no need to recreate or rebuild the integration because you can easily convert your old Commander Task List (.tl file) into an Integration Builder file at the click of a button.

Using A Commander Task List With Integration Builder

For more information on integration with BarTender 2016 please review the following resources:

Transitioning from Commander to Integration Builder

BarTender Integration Methods

Integrating with BarTender Integration Builder

System Database and Security Center Are Now In Administration Console

The System Database and Security Center are still part of the BarTender Suite, however, they are no longer separate applications and have instead been consolidated into one application called Administration Console.

For more information on using Administration Console please review the following resources:

Administration Console

BarTender System Security

Configuring Permissions to the System Database

Updating Web Print Server To Print Portal

Web Print Server has been remade from the ground up into Print Portal.  While many of the core concepts remain the same, the application is more efficient in the background and the user interface is updated.  New features are available, such as restricting access to labels based on Windows user accounts.

Updating Web Print Server to Print Portal entails:

  • Installing the update
  • Ensuring connectivity to a System Database
  • Migrating BarTender documents from Web Print Server repository folder to Print Portal repository folder
  • Setting the same permissions to Print Portal that were used for Web Print Server within Windows Internet Information Services (IIS).

Updating Web Print Server To Print Portal

For more information on Print Portal please review the following resources:

BarTender Print Portal



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