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Kai Kohler

BarTender Content Team


Web Print Server has been remade from the ground up into Print Portal.  While many of the core concepts remain the same, the application is more efficient in the background and the user interface is updated.  New features are available, such as restricting access to labels based on Windows user accounts.

Updating Web Print Server to Print Portal entails:

  • Installing the update
  • Ensuring connectivity to a System Database
  • Migrating BarTender documents from Web Print Server repository folder to Print Portal repository folder
  • Setting the same permissions to Print Portal that were used for Web Print Server within Windows Internet Information Services (IIS).


For more information on Print Portal please review the following resources:

BarTender Print Portal



Install BarTender Print Portal And Connect To System Database

Print Portal must be able to connect to a System Database on the network, which was not required for Web Print Server.  

BarTender Version Upgrade


For information on configuring the connection to the System Database please review Configuring Permissions to the System Database.



Transfer Files From WPS To BPP

When Web Print Server is uninstalled, the files will remain on your system.  This allows you to transfer your BarTender documents and any other necessary files from Web Print Server to Print Portal.

  1. Navigate to your BarTender document repository for your old WPS
    1. Default is C:\inetpub\wwwroot\wps\documents
    2. Copy all files in the folder
  2. Navigate to your BarTender document repository for your BPP
    1. Default is C:\inetpub\wwwroot\bpp\documents
    2. Paste all files you copied



Check Permissions

The specific steps below may vary slightly between versions of IIS, however, conceptually the process is the same.

  1. Open IIS > Application Pools > WPS_AppPool > Advanced Settings > Identity
  2. Note which account the application pool is running under
  3. While still in IIS, navigate to Application Pools > BPP_AppPool > Advanced Settings > Identity
  4. Set the identity to the same account WPS was running under
  5. Navigate to Application Pools > BPP_AppPool > right click > Stop
  6. While still in IIS Application Pools > BPP_AppPool > right click > Start
    1. If you get an error trying to restart the BPP_AppPool wait 10 seconds and try to start it again.  It is common for the application pools to need time in-between stopping and restarting them.



Apply customizations

Any customizations made to Web Print Server will have to be reapplied to Print Portal, such as site redirection.



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