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Nigel J. Navarro


 Selected Records Not Showing During Print-Time


 BarTender 2016


Sometimes after making a database connection, the select records field doesn't show any records to select. Right clicking on the bar just above where the items would be will provide you with a list of options. Select Show All Columns and your database will appear for selection. 



Theresa Nelson
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Once the record label is closed the columns are not showing up again.

You have to right click and "show all columns" every time you open the label.

Why will the setting not hold.

Jake Zander
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Issue persists in BarTender 2019 as well.

(Article says it applies to BarTender 2016).


Related article:

It states: "it will only show the columns for the fields used on the label. When bringing it up with no fields in use, all columns are shown". 

This behavior is not happening though. It's supposed to default to showing all columns, but it's defaulting to showing none. I've already filed a support request, but no requests I've ever submitted have resulted in code changes / bugfixes so I'm not hopeful of getting anything but a workaround and having to constantly deal with this behavior (among others).

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